Monday, July 23, 2018

Building Duct Blockage during Monsoon? How to tackle it effectively?

Blockage in Household drains can be really nasty stopping the waste water from leaving your property. These issues are now very common in apartments especially during monsoon season. All the toilets, sinks, baths and showers from the entire apartment is emptied into the same waste pipe where it flows into the sewers, During Monsoon the water level in these ducts increase and unfortunately most drainage pipeline ducts are missing the provision for Overflow drainage facility resulting the wastewater unable to flow away making the entire area unhygienic.

Blocked duct in flats and apartments

Small objects, random debris, grease and other stuff can slowly and gradually accumulate inside the pipes, obstructing the flow of water. If blocked drains are not cleaned and dealt immediately, the stagnant water can lead to a number of complications that will affect you and your property. This fact alone means that it’s well worth getting your drain unblocked as soon as possible. The common health complaints that are associated with blocked drains are -

  • ·     It triggers Asthma & Allergies - stagnant water in general can lead to mold growth and bacteria, which exacerbates respiratory issues.
  • ·        Typhoid
  • ·        Headaches, Anxiety & stress
  • ·        Mould and mildew problem.
  • ·        Disease carrying pests, like mosquito's, sewer flies etc.

Blocked pipeline ducts can also cause damage to your home. Stagnant water will definitely emit a musty odour. This bad smell can go up to the surface and permeate the house with an unpleasant, unhygienic and unhealthy atmosphere. Meanwhile, the water can also leak into the corners and foundations of the house, which may weaken its structural integrity. The moisture may come up the floorboards or walls, leading to water stains, wall dampness, leakage, wallpaint peel off, discolouration or warping. Moreover, stagnant water attracts mosquitoes, pests and other insects that may carry germs and diseases. It will also make the area prone to bacteria, mould and mildew.

Signs of a Blockage

You may have a blockage if:
·         You find it difficult to flush your toilet
·         Your sink or bath empties very slowly
·         You notice a bad smell coming from your drains.
When wastewater is unable to flow away it can come back up from the toilet or sink, flooding your home.
So maintaining a healthy household is essential for reducing health risks and ensuring the good health and safety of the family. If you suspect that one of your drains may be blocked, contact Wet2Dry Solutions immediately. We are the Best waterproofing contractors in Pune, Mumbai, Bangalore for the past 10 years and we will be able to apply practical, cost-efficient and long-term solutions that will repair your drains and protect your home and your health effectively.

Monday, July 16, 2018

Is your Wash basin used to be clogged? If so your house is prone to Serious Health issues

Let it be your kitchen sink, wash basin or bathtub drain, clogged drain is one of the most common household problem experienced by everyone. Many used to leave it unattended. But have you ever given a though as these blocked drain can cause negative impacts to your house walls as well as cause serious health issues to the residents? Yes, it can!

wash basin leakage and Wall dampness

Clogging of wash basin may lead to Mosquito breeding which leads to sickness and is not hygienic. When water become stagnant Bacteria starts to grow; mosquitoes use it as a breeding ground, and it might even smell as it collects all your soap and shampoo residue. 

Let it be your home or anywhere, Stagnant water is the main reason for the  increase of various water borne sickness like.
  • ·         Malaria.
  • ·         Cholera.
  • ·         Shigellosis.
  • ·         Hepatitis A.
  • ·         Dengue fever.
  • ·         Typhoid Fever.

Pause for a while and peep into your washbasin, it’s the place where we humans first visit early morning and night before we go to bed. Washbasin clogs is a suitable area for Mosquito breeding, so be careful with it.

The over flow hole seen just above the wash basin so called as  Waste coupling ,is  clogged sometimes and water is accumulated when the drain coupling gathers food particles, Dirt etc. You must keep the space beneath your sinks clear, free of damp and Clog free. If you tend to get leaks or spillages from your sink into the space below it, then mosquitoes will breed there as well. These types of clogs are ideal for Mosquito Breeding so you need to fix this immediately.

Bathroom waterproofing Pune, Mumbai, Bangalore

Bathroom waterproofing Pune, Mumbai, Bangalore

Similarly The wash basin connector also plays a big role in reducing these blocks or clogs. When we are connecting with proper connector, it will help to drain out all used water even through the overflow hole itself.

Bathroom waterproofing Pune, Mumbai, Bangalore

Because of wrong connector connected at the washbasin, the waste water flows through the overflow hole and it will collected at the hollow empty place inside the washbasin, and it will become a breading point of mosquitoes and bad smell at the washbasin.  This will lead human to fall in diseases and unhygienic surrounding in our flat.

So be alert and keep a watch on your near and dear ones ,keep them miles away from such sicknesses, we call ourselves educated but tend to miss out on keeping our home and surroundings clean .

We care for your family

Saturday, July 7, 2018

Why Is My Upstairs Bathroom Leaking Through The Ceiling?

Water Leaks in Multi storage building is now becoming a common problems among the apartments, houses etc.  If you have a bathroom on your second floor or upper floor, there is a high chance you will be facing with leakage problems or leakage stains if there is any leaking pipes or seepage through tile grout. These types of leakage issues causes corrosion problems in private residential and commercial multi-storey buildings along with a serious threat to hygiene. 
One of the main reasons for leakage in bathrooms, toilets, and other wet areas is due to the wrong plumbing procedure, pipe leaks, sanitation and failure of waterproofing membrane. Symptoms such as water drippings, damp patches, paint peeling-off, rust stains on the ceiling indicate that the roof waterproofing system is not performing. 
If the Bathroom waterproofing is not done correctly, every time when the floor becomes wet water penetrate through the bathroom floor and into your downstairs ceiling. These water can also flow and be drawn along or through many building materials due to capillary action, and due to this water can travel a long distance, it's possible to find water stains on the ceiling farther away from the leakage source. A ceiling leak can also be caused due to leaks in the water supply lines that attach to the toilet or to the sink trap.  Leak may be occurring through  the line joints. The  Leak can also be due to drain pipes. Drain pipe leaks are those that appear and disappear across your ceiling. 
Effective professional approach is needed to permanently solve Water leakage in bathrooms, walls etc. Effective tackling of the leakage source should be implemented. Finding the source of leakage can be really tricky as if it is due to a small leakage of pipe inside the wall etc then it would be difficult to find the cause. Even when you call a plumber / painter they will only apply some waterproofing chemicals which will fix the issue only for 2- 3 months and you will be facing the problem again. A roofer, plumber or painter can attempt to fix the apparent location of a leak but it could be coming from the opposite side of the roof. The actual leak you see inside is where the path ends. This is why most of the leaks persist even after fixing as the root cause is not fixed. Ignoring these problems won't help as it will get worse over time causing more damage. 
It is under this situation Thermographic images plays  a huge role. Thermal imaging is a Non invasive method of identifying moisture problems in buildings,  An infrared camera can see and measure heat differences in building materials on ceilings, walls and floors. Wet and moist areas are the places where the temperature commonly differs due to evaporative cooling, increased conductance or thermal capacitance. As per the Thermographic images the wet areas will appear relatively darker or lighter than the dry areas on an infrared picture, enabling us to locate them. Thus we can easily find the source of the leakage  quickly and non-destructively, identifying the location and size of moisture damaged areas. After Identifying the source of the leak we will do moisture mapping and can find out the exact reason for the leakage, thereby finding a permanent solution for roof and bathroom leakage.
Do you need a permanent solution for Bathroom Leakage or Ceiling waterproofing? We Wet2Dry Solutions can help you. we provide complete Waterproofing solutions for that past 15 years.  

Monday, July 2, 2018

How can Wall dampness & Moulds affect your Health & What you can do about it?

With the wet and cold weather there is a high chance that your house will be facing issues like wall dampness, fungal walls, moulds etc. It is really a worrying and an expensive problem that many of us have to deal with.

Wall dampness and health issues

What is Mould?

Mould is a fungus that breaks down dead material. It loves living in our homes, as they offer the perfect conditions for it to grow – a warm atmosphere, moisture and food in the form of paper, wood, carpet, dust and dirt. Unless it’s dealt with and removed, it will continue to grow. But dead spores are just as harmful as live ones, so you should be careful when getting rid of it.

How does mould and damp affect your health?

Moulds produce allergens (substances that can cause an allergic reaction), irritants and, sometimes, toxic substances, says the NHS.

Inhaling or touching mould spores can cause an allergic reaction, such as sneezing, a runny nose, red eyes and skin rash. Moulds can also cause asthma attacks.

If you have damp and mould, you're also more likely to have or develop respiratory problems, respiratory infections, allergies or asthma, says the NHS. Damp and mould can also affect the immune system.

Who's Affected?

·         babies and children

·         elderly people

·         those with existing skin problems, such as eczema

·         those with respiratory problems, such as allergies and asthma

·         those with a weakened immune system

How to get rid of Wall dampness and moulds?

Rather than cleaning it off and leaving it, it's better to find out the root cause for your wall dampness or source of excess moisture content on your house, So that the problem doesn't come back. You can find the root cause and can tackle it at its heart with the help of a Thermographic survey. A Thermographic survey is a collection of photographs taken by a Thermographic camera which shows the temperature of the building as well as areas of the building having water content or concentration. High concentration of water in certain areas of your walls, ceiling etc caused wall dampness , wall leakage, moulds etc. 

Thermographic survey is done with the help of Infrared cameras which helps in detecting the damp areas in the floors, walls, ceiling etc. It helps professionals in restoration process by tracking down the source of water. Infrared cameras are a powerful tool that spots hidden water damage before extensive damage occurs.

Infrared cameras show temperature differentials and thermal patterns. The rainbow colored images can help identify cold spots due to drafts or uneven insulation, but can also help to spot moisture as well.

With the help of Thermographic images we can find out the source area, Thermal imaging cameras identify very small differences in temperature on the surface of different materials, walls, on concretes, roofs etc highlighting the warmer and the colder surface areas providing evidence of where the leak is originating.

See the below image the violet colour indicates the areas having high water concentration, in this way we can find the source of excess water content and can fix it permanently.

Thermographic imaging process

For effectively tackling wall dampness and moulds you will need a help of a Professional waterproofing contractor, We Wet2Dry Solutions has an experience of over 15 years in providing  waterproofing services in Pune, Mumbai, Bangalore. Our Team has many years of experience in detecting leaks and have excellent knowledge to analyse thermal imaging results and taking the necessary actions to stop the wall leakage and dampness permanently.